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23 May 2018
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a story "The Resurrected Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. A Photo-narrative" appeared

17 April 2018
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a story "Pascha, the Pascha of the Lord! How We Celebrated the Feast of Feasts" appeared

7 February 2018
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a story "Every person is an enchanted prince" appeared

22 Desember 2017
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a story "The secret of joy, or how to prepare for the Nativity of our Lord in the right way" appeared

Hand-painted icons by the sisters of the Monastery

The Living Soul of Ural Peasant Huts

The Sunday school at the monastery church of St. Alexander Nevsky has marked the beginning of fall vacation with an interesting trip. On October 30th both children and parents visited an old Ural village of Aramashevo. The location is quite picturesque there. On a tall rock cliff over the river Rezh there rises a beautiful, recently renovated church in honor of Kazan Mother of God.

Here are the impressions of Larisa, one of the trip's participants, a mother of Sunday school students Dima and Katya: "I really love traveling over my home country – especially with a cordial tour guide and great company; everything has been wonderful, I even enjoyed the snow. We met Vera Vasilyevna Reutova; one used to say about such people: "There are women in Russian villages..." With her participation, the magnificent church in honor of Kazan Mother of God has been restored in the village. She has also regenerated a whole complex of old village huts with the art of the Ural murals, and has created the program: "The Living Soul of Ural Peasant Huts." And how she is able to communicate with children, they were listening to her nonstop! And what wonderful pies with tea made with an extract of five herbs! And an evening get-together in Russian folk costumes – we rested in both body and soul! The children in the meantime immersed themselves into the world of our ancestors. We were also told about the ancient catacomb ways under the "church rock," and we were allowed to go up to the bell tower; we then were accompanied to a holy spring, and had a master-class on rug weaving. It has been engaging for all – both children and the adults.

I'd like to express special appreciation to the person who inspired and organized the trip, our tour guide Irina Alekseyevna Andreyeva. Her knowledge, experience, and sincerity created a unique atmosphere in our small group."

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